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Press Release
Lord I Feel So Small

   A significant number of adults and teens fight a daily struggle to discover their personal significance—including a surprising number of pastors and Christian leaders. They are defeated, and held in bondage by a world of lies. God created us unique, as gifted persons of great worth under his call, loved in infinite measure. Yet, because of sin and deception, we set aside our heritage. The struggle may be initiated in a childhood home by a lack of love, rejection, or demeaning evaluations. It may come from the culture of false yardsticks by which people are measured by touchdowns, org charts, or dollars. The lies flourish in our own minds, emotions, and wills, and are supplemented by an enemy who deceives us about our true worth.

   Lord I Feel So Small! will take the reader, whether Christian or non-Christian, from smallness and defeat, to conviction that their worth and existence is important and meaningful. It will equip them to step into a life of rock-solid confidence in God, and their life mission under His call.


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