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Press Release
Press Release

Lord, I Feel So Small!

Publisher:  Deep River Books LLC/Trusted Books Imprint

Publishing Date: April 16, 2014

ISBN 13: 978-1632690036

Pages 236

Author website: www.jondrury.com


New nonfiction book charts answers for personal despair and self doubt.  Veteran pastor Jon Drury examines tragedies such as suicide, and finds a cause in feelings of smallness and self-doubt. One of the experiences that helped to precipitate his volume was the suicide of a close family friend. Though most do not resort to the extreme of taking their own lives, they may live unproductive lives clouded by fear, grief, and smallness. Pointing the reader to the answers of faith, his volume seeks to lead strugglers out of the wilderness of self-doubt into the sunlight of purpose and confidence.

In chapters the authors tackles faith’s challenge to:

*morph fear into courage

*convert failure to true success

*birth healing out of grief

*unleash power in frailty

*conquer worry with trust.

Karen O’Connor, best-selling author of over fifty non-fiction books,  says “Lord, I Feel So Small!” is a book that will speak to anyone who has ever felt unworthy, small and insignificant. . . pastor Jon Drury will lead you out of this wilderness into God’s amazing purpose.

In an interview Drury can discuss:

*The personal toll of losing hope?

*Despair as a hallmark of today’s generation?

*Why faith is the answer to personal despondency?

*The effects of rejection and mocking.

Jon Drury, a pastor for over thirty eight years shares not from an elevated pulpit, but from a shepherd’s heart. He tackles day-to-day issues with the clear explanations of faith and the transparent agonies and victories of real people. Drury has written more than 340 articles that reflect his compassion for those who battle crippling emotional issues


For an interview with the author contact him at jondrury2@yahoo.com.

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